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For The Bride offers in house alterations. Our seamstress will go over your wedding dress and walk you through any alterations or customizations you may want done. Please allow 4 weeks before the event date to start the alteration process.If the gown is needed sooner please call the store to arrange for special times. Shoes and under garments must be brought to ALL appointments.

We will provide alteration services for gowns not bought it our store for a quote please call in advance to set up an appointment so that one of our specialists can go over any questions and prices prier to the actual alteration date.

Alteration services are not included with the purchase of a dress.


Cleaning and Preseveration

We pride ourselves in the highest standard of quality and care of bridal gowns in cleaning and preservation Cleaning methods have been proven and recognized by the International Fabric Institute as the best methods in the gown preservation industry. Please allow up to 5 weeks for the entire process to be completed. Each gown comes displayed in a beautiful white box with a 100 yr guarantee. Be sure to inquiry about our cleaning coupon.


Wedding Day Services.Does your bridal gown need a touch-up before your wedding day? Did your bridal gown arrive folded in a box or has your bridal gown been hanging in the closet for too long? Or perhaps your gown wrinkled when you were traveling. Whatever the reason, if your wedding gown somehow does not look quite right, let one of our Wedding Gown Specialists make your bridal gown perfect for your wedding day. 

You Choose the Day and Time You Want Your Wedding Gown Ready for You

We'll steam, hand press, and prepare your wedding gown so it can travel safely. We can also make those little repairs to loose beads and hanging threads. Lets not for get the groom and bridal party, we would be glad to press all of their wedding apparel. Please call to schedule your appointment.