Bride on a Budget? No Problem!


Here at For The Bride, we always try to look out for our brides’ best interest! And part of that is making sure that you don’t feel as stressed out when it comes to paying for your beautiful wedding gown. We have many brides who come into our store who are on a strict budget, and many who don’t have a budget at all! Something that makes our shop special is that we actually DON’T require the entire amount for payment at checkout!


This smaller deposit down at the time of purchase is fantastic because it allows brides with smaller budgets to potentially step outside of their comfort zone and purchase a gown they really, truly love and can make payments on. Honestly, it makes such a difference for your peace of mind!


We always say that our number one goal is to make this shopping experience one that’s fun and stress free! So if you’re ready to come find your dream wedding gown with one of our bridal experts, book your appointment with us today!