How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

Sure, you may have decided to go with a white wedding dress and think it’s as simple as that. However, that’s not necessarily the case! There are SO many different shades of white that you might be shocked to see all the little nuances. So many little details of wedding dresses can make your gown look different depending on the lighting, silhouette, and specific shade of white. Today, we want to share some basics of what shades look best on certain skin tones and show some examples of all the different white hues!




If you’re a fair-skinned bride, we recommend that you opt for a wedding dress with yellow undertones! This is the most complementary for your lighter skin.




Do you tan without burning? If so, consider going with a creamy white dress that will look stunning on your skin.



Medium skin, but with a pink hue? Definitely go for a creamy white with yellow undertones. If you wear a wedding dress that has a pinkier undertone, it will make you look flushed on your wedding day.



Whether it's a pale shade or a bright one, all shades of white look great on you! If you have an olive undertone, you might want to steer clear of yellow-ivory shades.



When you have selected your skin tone group, find out what shade of white will look best on you! While white may seem "plain" and "standard," there are a number of different shades that complement different skin tones. Additionally, remember that different fabrics reflect light differently, so what looks "too white" on the rack may look wonderful on you!


Also, please note that our intention isn’t to tell you what colors you should and shouldn’t wear because at the end of the day, you should wear whatever color you feel best in! We’re just here to guide you in case you’re a little lost!



Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash


Below are some descriptions of various shades that you can choose from, so you will know what to look for when shopping:






The classic white bridal gown is a timeless option! While anyone can wear this, those with lighter skin tones can have a hard time pulling off this shade of white. Sometimes it can wash out their skin tone. However, the pure white fabric can almost glow on darker skin!


For a stark white wedding gown, satins, taffetas, and polyester blends are the best materials.






Diamond white gowns can also be referred to as natural white or off white and tend to be less bright than a stark white. Diamond white looks particularly gorgeous with satin fabric to create a look that’s romantic and has an old Hollywood vibe!






Even though this shade appears white in photographs, it has a slight pink undertone when seen in person. This shade is nearly like a beige and has a beautiful old school feeling. Olive and sallow-toned brides look gorgeous in this color!






Ivory wedding dresses tend to be the most romantic in nature and are incredibly versatile! Ivory dresses are wonderful because it goes beautifully with lace fabric. The ivory brings out all of the details, which is particularly apparent on this gown!


This should help explain the differences between the colors you can choose from! Looking for the perfect wedding gown? Book an appointment with our fabulous team here at For The Bride Boutique in Florida today!