Nontraditional Wedding Dress Textures

Nontraditional Wedding Dress Textures

Is there anything you would like to wear down the aisle that is a little less traditional? If that's what you want, we will give you our full approval! Wedding dresses traditionally had an A-line silhouette made of silk or satin. Brides are choosing colorful gowns, sparkles, and fun textures for their weddings today! This is an exciting and fashion-forward way to surprise guests. A non-traditional texture adds interest to beautiful wedding gowns, which is why we at For The Bride Boutique love it. The following are some of our favorite non-traditional wedding dress textures:




There is a great deal of variation among crepes in terms of texture, weight, and draping style. Crepes that are thin are gauzy and crinkled, whereas crepes that are thick are smooth and elastic. Wedding dresses, evening gowns, and romantic accessories are often made with crepe fabric, regardless of its weight or texture. The silhouette of a wedding dress made of crepe is long and graceful.


It can be worn alone or paired with illusions, lace, and shimmer for a more elaborate look.


Crepe gowns are super flattering and one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear if they are paired with the right undergarments.






Due to its incredible drape, lightweight plain weave organza lends volume to dresses and skirts. In addition to being pretty, organza is extremely durable! It is traditionally made of silk. Natural and synthetic organza fabrics are available. This stiff fabric with a subtle sheen is perfect for evening gowns and wedding dresses. Many designers use printed organza with fabrics such as taffeta and satin.






You should absolutely consider a wedding gown with glitter tulle if you want a glamorous dress! On your wedding day, you'll feel like a queen in this non-traditional fabric!





You're sure to be inspired by these non-traditional wedding dress textures. A wide variety of options are available to you! Looking to find the perfect wedding dress? Book an appointment with us today at For The Bride Boutique!