Wedding Dress Neckline Types

Wedding Dress Neckline Types

There are a lot of important aspects to choose for your dream wedding dress, and the neckline is one of those! There’s going to be a ton of attention on your face and neck on your wedding day, from guests, cameras, and your spouse. This is why choosing the right neckline is so crucial! The neckline is intended to frame your face and perfectly complement your jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup. Today we’re sharing some popular wedding neckline types to choose from:



Of all wedding dress necklines, the sweetheart is the most popular. Inspired by the upper curves of a heart, it supports brides with generous décolletés and lengthens short necklines. All silhouettes look great with corset bodices and sweetheart necklines!






A bride who wants to show off her collarbones and shoulders will love an off-the-shoulder neckline! For a bridal look, it's so flirtatious and romantic. This look can be quite 'busty' if the bride doesn't have a small to medium cleavage. This neckline also balances out wide midriffs and pear-shaped bodies.






Those who love French-style chic will love the bateau neckline. This neckline is sometimes called the "Sabrina" neckline and is straight over the collarbone to either shoulder. It would be perfect for a beach wedding! It's so romantic!






An all-purpose wedding dress neckline, the v-neck adds height to the dress, making it flattering for short and medium-sized brides. A V-neck can be very flattering if you have large or protruding collarbones, or if you have a generous or protruding décolleté!






A square-shaped empire neckline elongates the body and resembles a square. It creates a more angular, architectural bridal look. An open neckline accentuates your shoulders or gives your ensemble a modern edge by lowering or widening it. Those who wish to slim down their shoulders and enhance their necks and busts will love this style.






For the more daring bride, the plunging neckline will enhance your décolletage, lengthen your torso, and show off a bit more skin. The majority of plunge gowns come with illusion panels to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, but plenty of brides opt to wear it without them. When you wear long sleeves, a plunge can balance out the coverage!





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