Wedding Gown Shopping Tips

Wedding Gown Shopping Tips


Selecting your dream wedding dress is unlike any other shopping experience. This will be a memory that you hold closely to your heart for your entire life, and you deserve to be well-prepared for it! To ensure you get the most out of your appointment, here are a few ways you can help us help you get the shopping experience of your dreams:



Shop Early


From trying on dozens of options, to shipping times and alterations, it can take anywhere between ten months to a whole year for bridal gown shopping. After all, this is the most important dress of your life, and it should fit flawlessly, which can take some time to achieve. There is no such thing as getting started too early! An important note to consider early on is that bridal sizing differs from the standard clothing sizing we’re all used to, because most gowns are based on European size charts. This means that you shouldn’t get discouraged if the numbers read differently than the size you are accustomed to.



Bring Inspiration


Before your appointment, spend some time searching online and in magazines for designs that have caught your eye. We encourage you to bring photos of your favorite dresses with you when you come to our store, so that we can get a sense of the vision you have for your special day. This gives us a great foundation to start your search, and will help us find your match that much sooner.





The best way to try on dresses during your fitting is to look as similar as possible to what you’ll look like on your wedding day. We recommend coming to your appointment wearing seamless or strapless undergarments that are nude or white in color, to prevent these pieces from distracting from the look and feel of the dresses.

Ready to find the wedding dress of your dreams? Request an appointment at For the Bride Boutique and we’ll help you get started.