What to Expect While Trying on Gowns

What to Expect While Trying on Gowns. Mobile Image

Mar 03, 2021

What to Expect While Trying on Gowns


After the initial excitement of your new engagement starts to settle in, you get to begin all of the fun parts of planning your wedding. Our favorite, obviously, is finding your wedding dress! Before going into a store to try on dresses, it’s good to know what to expect throughout your appointment. To help you make the most of your appointment, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite do’s and don’t’s of wedding dress shopping!



DO: If you want a second opinion from your most trusted family and friends, bring them! It’s always good to have an honest reaction from those closest to you. They can help you narrow down tough decisions or suggest dresses you may not have considered. Choose a few people whose opinions you trust, and take them with you to your appointment!


DON’T: Showing up with more than two or three guests not only makes the store a bit crowded, but can overwhelm both you and your stylist. Too many opinions can make you second guess your choices, and at the end of the day it’s your dress, so while having a second opinion is great, it’s important you make the final decision yourself. 


Styles You Like

DO: Come to shop with a few ideas of styles you think you may like! Knowing you’re having a boho, outdoor ceremony or a traditional church wedding can affect what style you may want.  Knowing what silhouettes you want to try or think you’ll like most can also help your stylist pull dresses she thinks you’ll love. 


DON’T: Try not to be too set on one style. You may come in, try on one dress you’ve been eyeing, and fall in love on the first try! But you could also come in and realize you look amazing in a ball gown after weeks of pining after fit and flare dresses—keep an open mind to suggestions from your stylist!



DO: On the day of your appointment, come in wearing undergarments similar to what you’ll be wearing the day of your wedding (we suggest coming in a strapless bra). You obviously don’t need to have your shoes picked out—you don’t even have a dress yet!—but come in a pair of heels at a similar height to what you think you’ll want for your wedding so you can see what the dress looks like at that height. 


DON’T: While you should absolutely get ready in the morning so you have an idea of what your dress will look like the day of your wedding, coming in with heavy bronzer or other makeup is not a good idea. Heavily applied makeup can rub off on dresses you try on and ruin them, so please be aware of this before you come in to the dressing room!


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